How to access cPanel WebDav web disk

rSyncIT Web Disk Access

rSyncIT gives you full control over your remote files using the sophisticated Unix functionality of your OSX system. A wide range of access methods are available.

Setup Your WebDisk

Login to your cPanel control panel and navigate to the 'Web Disk' section.

Create Accounts If Necessary (Optional)

If you wish to create additional accounts or create accounts that are restricted to certain folders you can do so here.

Login: A username for the new account that will have access to the web disk.
Password: Enter a password for this user and confirm it.
Directory: Enter a directory to which to lock the user into.

Once completed click 'Create'.

Choose The Operating System

Choose which operating system this will be configured on. Click 'Go'.

Execute The Download

If you are not using your default account username and password and are instead using a username that you created in the previous optional step you will need to make sure the format of the username is as follows.