rSyncIt Recommended Client Software

Client Software

rSyncIT will provide support for all the standardized command line utilities included in most operating systems. rSyncIT does not distribute or provide support for any specific software application. This is mainly because every software application that provides backup or connection support to our service does not always utilize standardized naming or configurations. We can however recommend different client applications that may provide you with the features you need to be able to use the service with us however you need.


Windows can access FTP/WebDav via Internet Explorer and the Windows File Explorer along with some command line utilities. Windows does not include the basic command line utilities such as rsync, ssh, or sftp that are most commonly used with our service. However there are many applications that provide this support.

Mac OS X

Mac OS X is a BSD based operating system that already contains many command line utilities to access rsync, ssh, sftp, ftp, webdav. The built-in Finder supports FTP, WebDav, HTTP, and many other connection options without any additional software. The command line utilities provide flexibility with scripting and such.