Our Demos

Online Backup Datacenter Webcams
Live Webcams

Here are a series of live feeds we have setup in the main server area. These shots are streamed 24/7, keeping our equipment and rack-space fully monitored. Click here to see the live feeds.

Datacenter Security

Feel safe knowing that your data is being secured by a world-class data center. All doors on premises require pass cards with pin codes. There are also several state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and other monitoring equipment keeping watch 24/7/365, staffed by on-site technicians to achieve the highest uptime possible (99.98%).

Redundant Bandwidth

Our bandwidth includes four different providers organized in a BGP blend. That means traffic from and to our servers goes over the fastest routes available on the Internet. Instead of one option, our traffic has four different paths to choose from. This also means that all traffic is redundant, if any combination of our four providers go offline or experience sub-par performance, our traffic automatically is routed via any of the other providers.

Redundant Power

Our equipment is powered by diverse redundant connections to two of the major power grids. In the unlikely event that both power grids were to fail, the redundant architecture will switch to UPS systems and an on-site diesel power generator that can run the facility indefinitely without the need for the power grid. The diesel generators are located on the 7th floor and off of ground level to again protect against flooding.

Fire Suppression and Cooling

The datacenter features a fully redundant environmental control system with state-of-the-art controls that maximize cooling, humidity control, and energy efficiency. The facility contains a fire suppression system that utilized the most advanced Ansul Inergen gas system available. By utilizing gas based fire suppression technology, as opposed to standard water based systems, on-going operation is maintained for your equipment and personnel even in the event of an emergency.