rSyncIt Online Backup Reseller Packages

Shell Access

Your account is accessible via SSH. Jailed shell access allows for you to transfer and manage your backups via a bash shell and also setup cron jobs or write and test your own backup scripts.

Unmetered Bandwidth

We do not actively monitor your download/upload transfer rate. Unmetered bandwidth means you can utilize the full 100mbps bandwidth capacity during backups or restores.

cPanel Account Management

Manage your online backup folders online via a web browser, or by utilizing the WebDav protocol you can mount your account as a disk in Windows, Mac, Linux

Push or Pull Remote Data

You can easily initiate a backup or restore from our servers or yours utilizing cron or SSH. Pulling a backup from your servers to ours will have an added security advantage. If hackers compromise your servers then they will not be able to destroy your backups if your server does not contain backup scripts or information.

Unlimited Backups

There are no set limits on the amount of backups you can perform or how many can be run concurrently within reason. If any of your backups are considered abusive or use excessive resources this feature will be reconsidered for your account. For more details please see our terms of service

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
with TLS or SSL

FTP is the original file transfer method supported by nearly every backup program available. SSL and TLS support available to encrypt backup data transmission.

HTTP/WebDav File Access

WebDAV allows users to edit and manage files on remote web servers via the HTTP protocol. Easily connect using your favorite web browser, operating system, or backup client, to access and modify your files. WebDAV allows traversal of firewalls due to the use of the HTTP protocol.

Git / Subversion (SVN)

Git and SVN are available to allow you to create copies of your repositories or even start hosting your SVN and Git repository with rSyncIT. Both SVN and Git can be transported over SSH and allow you to easily access and manage your repositories on our servers.

RAID6 Storage

Our servers are equipped with software based RAID-6, which ensures fast transfer rates and redundancy without relying on additional proprietary hardware.

Reseller Features

When you have a reseller plan you have access to Web Host Manager. You can create and manage your accounts using this control panel. You can normally only have one shell login per account, but having the reseller plan allows you to create multiple shell accounts.