Dedicated cPanel Server Backup

cPanel/WHM Server Offsite Backup

Get your dedicated servers offsite backup storage from rSyncIT! rSyncIT is easily configurable without any additional software using the built-in WHM backup configuration settings. Whether you own a dedicated server, a reseller account, or have just an individual website, rSyncIT can provide an offsite storage location for your cPanel backup files.

All accounts under cPanel can be backed up individually through the cPanel interface using the rSyncIT offsite storage server. cPanel already provides support for cPanel backup files to be uploaded to a remote FTP site or SSH account as well as just stored locally in the website host FTP.

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WHM Dedicated Server Backup

The built-in WHM server backup feature provides many different options for backing up the server as a whole. Backups can be performed locally as well as sent via FTP offsite. There are advantages to both methods but they all still come with disadvantages.

Built-In Configuration Options
Accessible via the WHM "Backup" > "Configure Backup" navigation option.

cPanel Account Backup

Webhosting clients can always login to their own cPanel hosting account and perform manual backups at any time. These backups can be sent offsite to via FTP or SCP to rSyncIT's storage service. The built-in cPanel feature will send out an e-mail alert upon backup completion.

Manually Backup cPanel Accounts
Accessible via the "Backups" > "Download and Generate" options through your cPanel.

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