What is rSyncIT

rSyncIT is an online backup service, powered by XZ Backup, that allows you to backup your valuable computer data over the Internet. Your data is protected by multi-tier redundancy at the network and hardware level to ensure that you always have access to your data. You can feel confident knowing that your data is and always will be safe.

How does rSyncIT work?

rSyncIT works on a variety of software platforms that support FTP, RSYNC, WebDav, SFTP, SCP, etc. Our service will work with all types of FTP software so you are not required to use any proprietary software. We have provided guides for many popular platforms and utilities or you can simply create your own. We offer web based access as well as easy to use WebDav for all Microsoft users.

What about backing up my servers?

All CPanel servers can backup to us very easily just by entering our server and your account information into the backup settings in your WebHostManager. HSPhere provides an easy to use interface for specifying backups over FTP. Ensim and Plesk require scripts to properly perform FTP or RSYNC backups, but this information is readily available in our client knowledge base for you to use.

Is my data secure?

Absolutely! All of our servers are located in a secure data center in Florida and are hardened against online attacks. Our data center is staffed 24/7 with highly knowledgeable technicians to ensure maximum availability. We encourage you to look at our section dedicated to our datacenter.